The Facilitators

Krista Wissing, MFT is a licensed therapist who has facilitated expressive arts therapy experiences for people impacted by brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, medical illness, addiction, co-occurring disorders and trauma. She founded The Rediscovery Project in 2012 and is currently the Day Program Coordinator for Brain Injury Network of the Bay Area. Expressive writing has been critical to Krista’s own healing process, and her work has appeared in The Molotav Cocktail, and Know Journal (upcoming). She is an Institute for Poetic Medicine Poetry Partner, shamanic practitioner and runs a small psychotherapy and healing arts practice (

Midge Casler, MA is an art therapist and woodworker with over five years experience providing creative arts therapy to brain injury survivors. She is the Art Program Director at Brain Injury Network of the Bay Area where she focuses on group facilitation and supporting survivors in sharing their art through art shows and community outreach. Midge experienced first hand the healing potential of art through her own grieving process, which eventually led her to her career as an art therapist.


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