After a brilliant 10 weeks, Rediscovery Project’s group sessions wrapped up last Friday. We’re now busy publishing our anthology, Out of the Darkness: A Poetic Journey for People Living with Acquired Brain Injury, which will make its debut at our public poetry reading on Saturday, October 26th (10:30-noon) at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.

Marie Gray’s poem, “Protection”, is just a taste of the raw, powerful poems and art that will grace our anthology. Please enjoy.

by Marie Gray

Bleak.   Naked.   Surrounded, in a vultures’ circle.
Summon.   Protection!
Hands are up, head’s up.

Trident – warding trident:
feathers form antennae; attuned to the wind,
we breathe.

All who
resist the temptation
to feast with privileged bullies,

hands down.
That’s my line,
“Step away, back down.
You’re out of bounds, step away.”
My trident.

I gotta draw the line, at last, here:
we stand for each other.
Clean boundaries make good neighbors.
Our privacy is respected.
We guard it & LAUGH.


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